Link building for casinos: up and down trends for sites

Summer is a particularly hot season for casino-themed placements. Since April webmasters are preparing for the season Fall 2021. Over the past 10 years the topic has gained even more momentum, the article will highlight the successes, failures and experiences in this niche.

You can see that the niche has its seasonality, a lot of “business” that can subside during the summer, but not all, and this factor is also worth considering when working on a site or product.

Analysis of casino websites

Let’s begin to analyze the projects that were and are in the works in this niche. It’s not necessarily only about our link building, let’s focus on general trends, features of the niche in terms of link building. All sites were bought at certain stages of placement from our sites, site urls can be clarified by the manager or on the website

Casino in the CIS market

There were bought 5 article placements. (organic traffic)

A cut of the organic traffic.

Donor link building 

For the entire period of the site traffic hasn’t increased, but on the contrary, the flow of people on the site has even decreased.


Competitive niche, the link profile of such sites is better to grow constantly and fairly rapidly, without pauses and “candles”, and most importantly after a full internal optimization. Budgets should be set for the long term, at least 6 months, the strategy is based on an analysis of competitors, it may be floating and change based on results, but it is important to be able to draw the right conclusions, links are not a panacea, you can’t put 10 articles and wait until it grows by itself.

Casino in the USA market

The project is young, a little over a year, there is a growth trend

Here it is the hard truth about SEO, not 2-4 months, but the entire 6-7 months to get the first results. Especially on a new domain.

For 8 months of link building, the profile is 200 donors, of which the placements on our sites are 36, and 9 of them are main and 27 are article (for 3 months).


Systematic work, a clear understanding of the evaluation of competitors and the market, and a fair creation of strategy. Not much traffic, but everyone knows how it converts on the foreign market. In casinos, traffic is very dependent on the top 10 for certain, popular branded queries and an expanded structure, preferably updated for each season. GEO on the right on organics left on purpose, to be happy for the newcomer to the tops).

Casino in USA Market

Our client took 20 links from the main ones.

But the project failed.

I think there are several reasons for the failures:

  • In our opinion, the titles are a bit too robotic, with no humanity.
  • Tons of text instead of well-structured material with facts, tables and other things.
  • Little functionality, past experience of auditing competitors in the top showed the presence of reviews, rating, other unique things on the top projects
  • Link building: except for our main link there is no article link, there is a Russian and English crowd and bonding between a couple of Russian domains.
  • The domain is fresh and it needs a good start, all the factors above are the opposite of this

I think a combination of factors gave such problems in the lack of results. Not a single factor. 

Casino in the CIS

During the year the client took 42 article placements

Here’s his link graphic:

And here’s his organic traffic:

This is an uncertain situation, because, like a year ago the traffic was the same as it is now, and there was a “candle”, but then it came back as it was. Here I would say that staying with the traffic in the casino niche is also a success. 

Casino, UK market, English-speaking

The client ordered a network of 20 sites (in 2019)

Here is his link profile in growth dynamics:

And here’s his organic traffic:

As you can see there are a lot of donors in the project, that is, the project is always engaged. But the traffic to the end of 2021 grew well, but then probably was an update or something has changed in the link strategy, we will not guess, we do not know. But the project is still evolving, though not as rapidly as before.

Casino, USA site, a website since 2014 

Another example, the rapid growth of backlinks and after that they fall off just as rapidly.

Donor and Backlinks

On the organic side, you can see the moment when most of the links fell off, and there was a decrease in traffic. After that, the strategy was changed  and everything went up, but the theme of the casino has never let go so easily, it’s constant work.

The client has put 28 placements, positive dynamics with constant changes and updates, changing texts, expanding the structure, smooth and regular link building.

Casino site, a reviewer. Young site

Progressive link building, the client places more often and regularly the main links. 

A large number of backlinks, but as you can see on the chart, they keep an eye on it, and even if something falls off, they add new placements.

Traffic is also growing, there is no permanent upward only, seasonality, competitors, updates give their fluctuations, but moderately we can say that this is an example of a successful site in its niche.

General conclusions

You shouldn’t take links as a panacea for the decision, if it didn’t come out in the top, then the links are bad, if it came out then they’re good, so you should buy them here. 

In such a complex and competitive niche such as casinos, the variability of quality links is only welcome, but the internal and temporal factors should not be ignored.

There are a couple of obvious things:

  • If the project already has a number of pages on the casino in the top 20 (200+ keys), you can go for a link building. More than 80% of the total project budget

Considering that the specialist’s working hours are paid at market prices. That’s all. 

But to understand what you can promote with the links and what you can’t, you must first understand what the problem is on your site.

Analysis of successful niche sites 

Always look at why others are growing, draw conclusions, look at trends. Consider sites with positive dynamics, below is a brief analysis:

The site has been up and running since 2018.

Stable link building growth and support for the site. Especially when it’s already in the rankings. That’s the key to success.

Sharp bullet, the domain is five years old, but it blew up recently.

Link Profile

From the diagram, I think you can approximately understand why now.

And that’s how much organic traffic he has.

Anchor list in such a highly competitive niche is nothing, everyone grows to the top as they can, that’s the key to a specialist’s success, to achieve the top by any manipulation!

The old site is from 2011 and extended to 2026 (maybe that’s the trick of trustworthiness and distant prospects (just a joke).

Which has an excellent demonstration history of stable growth of link juice.

And with it no less organic traffic.

Here’s just one thing worth noting: the spectacular changes from September 2021.

It seems like there is not much of the link growth.

But the result is much larger, perhaps there was an internal update. Or the reference remained “under water”, i.e. outside the scope of ahrefs.

General recommendations for the casino promotion:

  • Always look at those who are in the top now, not only on links, anchors, dynamics, etc., but primarily to expand the structure, looking closely at the texts, visuals, tables, etc.;
  • Link profile as varied as possible and the main thing is to constantly add/deliver links;
  • Update the texts, the blog, always writes the content;
  • Form budgets in advance, at least for 6 months, look at the results and adjust;
  • Behind each top is a lot of factors and a bit of luck, don’t forget to follow the leaders of the niche even after the site is in position;
  • The drops are good to deploy casino sites, but not on all; promotion with pbn nets;
  • Promotion with pbn nets own (there is its own specifics, but the subject is worthy of attention).

We also do services such as: SEO consultation and link building strategy to help you promote your site!

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