Website Growth Case in Online Game Store

Good Game, Well Played or how online game stores become successful.

We started working with the client in October 2020. After unsuccessful attempts to reanimate the site after the upgrade, when the traffic dropped more than 40k. 

What does it take to be in the top 3? 

Google won’t be satisfied with the number of links only. You need more than just a good link strategy, additionally you also need to pump up SEO optimization and the number of domains which link to the site. Competitor analysis during work shows that the ratio of backlinks is up to 40:1 depending on the topic of the site.

Strategy implementation.

We conduct an audit of the client’s site and its competitors, determine which pages will be optimized and for which queries. And we start planning the placement of backlinks, writing articles in accordance with the necessary keywords. In October the project began internal optimization, and a month later, in November began to increase the link mass, putting on 375 placements each month.

The most important thing is the consistency of the work. Proper On page (internal optimization of the site or page) gives an excellent foundation for the rapid and stable growth of the link profile. To do this, take relevant pages, keywords, and here is the growth of traffic to 35k, because traffic is directly related to the top.

We would like to pay attention to the fact that internal optimization began to bring results within 2 months after work began, and at the time of writing this article, there are more than 57k keywords. 

How much did it cost the client?

The price of our links for the Eng market:

  • article 40 $ (eternal)*
  • main 40$(1 year)

*The article is included in the price

Each month the client paid for 100 links at a price of $50 = $4000 

For six months, taking into account the discounted price of growth was $24,000

So what do we have as a result?

  1. In 6 months we placed 600 links and pumped the SEO of the site. This led to the growth of both the link profile and keywords.
  1. Over 2800 keywords in the TOP-10, allowing our client to successfully lead the highly competitive niche of online gaming stores.
  1. Attracting 150k traffic to the site every month, which is 3 times higher than the traffic at the start of the work. has proven that it isn’t necessary to create your own PBN for all the money in the world, but you can buy links from us on more than 70 topics. After all, the quantitative factor of the link profile on optimized queries means a lot for the breakthrough to the top 3.

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